La Wisdom Inclusive Program

More than 1 billion of us live with disabilities, this makes for almost 1 out of 5. 80% of them live in underdeveloped countries, and make for the large proportions of people who live in extreme poverty.

To see humanbeing in all humans is the essence of inclusion!

We take everyone along, All are important to us, we include all! Every one is unique! Every one is a special for us!

So we do have in our mixed age groups certain % of children with specific learning diversity and special educators to take care of them.

Our normal ways of functioning, one to one personalized education naturally takes care of every child's individual learning styles, pace and interest.

 We do have Montessori & Specially Trained special educators in our environment on our regular rolls!

We also integrate parents as Volunteers in our process of working with special children, utilizing their experience and in turn equipping them with more skills so as to take better care of children with special needs.

We look forward to hear from parents who would like to utilize our unique inclusive environment that caters to the needs of whole community!