La Wisdom Preschool Program

La Wisdom Preschool Program 

 All children are creative artists & research scholars, here we nurture the art of learning to learn!

We are committed to a holistic approach to education at La Wisdom, which means that we hold the hand of the child, gently guiding her or him through the plethora of developmental activities. As we fulfill the present needs of the child, we are preparing her or him for the challenges of tomorrow, be it social development, behavioural understanding, emotional nurturing or academic competence. 

The House of Children as envisioned by Dr. Montessori, is an exclusive environment that satisfies the inner urge of children in the age group of 3 to 6, to work with their hands. In an atmosphere that offers freedom to move, communicate and choose their work, the children grow in independence.

The Montessori material, philosophy and principles that we have adopted, have guided us to put together an environment that encourages exploration and discoveries. The self esteem of the child is nurtured, as it forms the basis of personality development.

Children start developing 21st century skills like Critical thinking, when they sort, sequence, grade, match, contrast, reason and so on.

Children start developing sensitivity and social skills when they work together with children of different age group, abilities, cuture and communities. 

In our Art Program, the arts-based skills and strategies magnify student engagement and demonstrably improve cognition.