Parent Testimonials

"What an amazing journey and experience at La wisdom!"

KamalPreet, Parent of Joyce Ahuja!


"This is what we always sought for our child!"

Ramya, Parent of Maya!


"All the physical /medical complaints she had... ended when we took her out of traditional school and enrolled her at La Wisdom."

Suma, Parent of Tanushree!


"We are overwhelmed by the positive behaviour change in our child when she started attending La Wisdom school."

Janaki, parent of Deepti


"Our children feel so happy to go to school, even on holidays they want to go to school."

Padmesh & Anitha! Parents of Akaash & Gautam!


"They are confident, well mannered and her language, behaviour all is on upward trend."

Paravthi, Parent of Siri!


"It has made a huge positive difference in our child’s attitude, about life and learning."

Abiruchi & Deepak, Parents of Advait!